Founded by a family dream and the love of cycling.

While working as a mechanic at Spokes and Spandex, Mark dreamed of opening his own shop, with his Dad, Marion Cox.  In 2008, Mark thought that dream was gone when Marion lost his life in a kayaking accident.  Mark’s interest in the sport diminished, and he pursued another love of his in 2009 by becoming a firefighter/EMT.

After getting married in 2011, Mark’s wife Amanda, realized he still had a passion for cycling, and she got him back in the saddle. Literally. 

Mark’s dream of opening a shop became a reality when the owner of Spokes and Spandex, Steve, made the tough decision to retire in February of 2015.  Mark bought the business from Steve, and a new location was found.  The inventory was moved during a snow storm, the new shop interior was painted, displays were set up, business licenses and insurance were acquired, and the doors were officially opened for business- all in a single month’s time!

The biggest question we have at the shop, is where’d you come up with that name? Mark’s Dad, Marion, worked at the Joplin Fire Department as an acting Battalion Chief, and had been nicknamed Blue.  The shop was named after him, to continue that dream they both shared.

At Blue’s we want to provide the best customer service, with the most knowledgeable mechanics in the area, by a crew of people who are passionate about the sport.  We look to improve safety, raise cycling awareness, promote health, and provide the best after sale service we possibly can.

The crew at Blue’s Bike Company has witnessed cycling change lives.  The power of biking is unbelievably awesome.  It reduces stress and allows the rider to make some amazing accomplishments. 

We dare you to get on a bike, go on a ride, and not smile! It’s impossible.