Mark Cox
Owner • Retül Fit  • Retül Fit Aero/MTB

Shop owner, Self-proclaimed bike junkie, firefighter/Emt, Thin Mint addict, nap lover. In no particular order. He’s terrible at organized sports, but can ride a bike! He is also really good at driving his wife insane.

Amanda Cox
Owner  •Retül Fit

She's a Firefighter/Paramedic, with a degree in sarcasm, who gets way too excited over antique bikes. The occasional brains behind the shenanigans and a specialist-generalist. But with enough bribery, she will claim Mark as her husband.

Claudia Cox

Most people may not know but Claudia is Mark's mother or in other-words "free labor". She takes care of tasks around the shop that frees up the employees so they can do "bike stuff". She is the Director of Housekeeping and also Purchasing (candy). She will gladly assist you but beware she has the gift of conversation.  

Zach Hess
Mng. • Cert. Body Geometry Level 1, Mechanic

Zach read owners' manuals and tech documents for pleasure. Torque wrenches, carbon assembly paste, and dialed brakes are some of his friends. Come in a see him! He's friendly and looking forward to getting you fit to your new bike.

Paris Skaggs
Assistant Mng • Mechanic • Suspension Tuner

No doubt bikes are his thing. His niche would definitely be BMX, but there's always a spot for MTB bikes and Dirt Jumpers. Not too good with words so he'll let his hands do the talking. Wheel building is his preferred job, although wrenching on any two wheeled machine would be fine seeing how he works on his bikes more than he rides them.